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Scalextech is a young and vibrant business offering slot car racing fun at affordable prices for your event or function

The main heart of our business is parties (usually for a birthday, etc). We bring our setup to your location, whether it be a living room, a gazebo in the garden, a garage, or a hall or any other venue of your choosing. Layouts can be custom designed to the space available and can be as simple or complex as you desire - we can offer multiple height levels, lane changing, pit strategies, etc etc. We can operate a simple 'have a go' system or set up full races or even championships. Prizes can also be provided if required.

And we cater to almost any age group. Anyone from around 5 and up will love the thrill and challenge and we find we are as popular with adults as with the youngsters

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Young or old, there's nothing like the thrill of racing cars

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We also operate an events side of the business, availabe to local clubs, pubs and businesses etc, but we are also availabe for corporate events or whatever else you may require. Plus, we host our own 'race day/night' events at some local venues on a regular basis. This side of the business, being at larger venues, offers the chance to build some much larger designs and we can recreate almost any well known racing circuit you can think of as well as design some even more challenging custom circuits. We can accomodate individual racers or teams/leagues, etc at events and have some added dimensions that we can add if required

Please note. Whilst we are based in Bolton, Lancs and predominently operate in the local area, we are very willing to travel further afield for you

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Scalextech - slot car racing entertainment

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