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Most kids love slot car racing (even if they’ve never experienced it before) and it gives them something ‘real’ to do and enjoy instead of the typical videogames, etc

But most parents don’t like the expense involved in the hobby, especially when it’s often only used a few times and then buried in the cupboard – usually because of the amount of space needed in order to leave it set up and the time and effort involved in setting it all up again (not to mention the possibility that the cat or dog didn’t take very kindly to being electrocuted)

Now here’s an alternative...

We do all the work – you have all the fun!

Customised racing circuits designed and built to the size, style and event type in your home or venue

Delivered, set up, organised, staffed and then taken away again for your convenience and entertainment

Examples of styles include touring cars, rally, f1, police pursuit, truck or motorcycle racing, etc

Ages 5 and over catered for and the ‘young at heart’ tend to have just as much (if not more) fun, if the kids give them the chance – 
“we used to have stuff like this when we were kids”

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Scalextech - slot car racing entertainment

 for any function, in your home or venue

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